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Personal Life Coach

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Build A Meaningful Life That Will Last.

Can you relate?


Are you desperate to re-build your life so that it is finally full of meaning and fulfillment; AND sustainable?

Maybe you’ve made a start re-shaping your life so that you can thrive a little more, you’ve got a taste for ‘better’ and you know there is so much more. You may even have an idea about what other changes are needed, but you’re feeling daunted and could do with a bit of guidance and support. 

It’s time…


…to Jump In! Join our small but growing, supportive, learning community discovering how to rebuild and re-shape our lives. We come from different backgrounds and circumstances, but like you, we all want to live fulfilled and meaningful lives. Most of us have gone through recent life change or crisis, for many this has been a direct result of the pandemic; but as we stand on ground zero we are ready to build again! 

Jump In!

You’ll get access to monthly live workshops, new on demand podcasts and videos (each month) as well as a members only, exclusive community forum. Through all this you’ll learn important insights about human flourishing from the fields of psychology, sociology and theology; AND you’ll explore with others and discover for yourself how to integrate and implement the things you are learning. 

Here’s how it works. I have created 3 levels of membership that vary in price according to how long you would like to be part of this community; simply choose the one that works best for you in your current circumstances. All that I ask is that you make the most of the resource and fulfill the monthly payments you have agreed to. 

The rates you see at this point are valid for the first 20 subscribers and will go up after that; so make sure you get in there early!