“I learnt that there is more to life and I can get much more out if I let God use me.”

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“We found the workshop very informative & helpful.”

“Most helpful was the communication and understanding that no matter how small or big a problem is there is always a way / a method of resolving an issue. How to Identify the problem , how to work through it.”

"Fantastic job Claire! You were calm, natural, very encouraging and professional. "

Mum of three school age children. 

"The most helpful parts of the workshop for me were the discussion about fulfilment and identifying a topic of major importance to me"

Church Leader

"We think workshop like this would be beneficial to people struggling with in the new norm, finding purpose , seeking direction and peace of mind."

Married Couple in Fultime Ministry


Poolside Ease

A FREE collection of videos in which I share some reflections, my own story and the 5 essentials to Fulfilment that I’ve learnt on the way.


Paddlers’ Splash

A series of videos and podcasts taking you deeper into the life of Fulfilment and God’s heart for you in this season. 


Jump In!

Join a community of fellow travelers learning to live deeply fulfilled lives in diverse circumstances. Monthly live workshops, on demand pod-masterclasses and an exclusive community forum.


Deep Dive

At least 10 1-2-1 coaching sessions with me to help you make the significant changes you want, that will create the life and future you were made for.