Claire Bankole

Personal Life Coach

Paddlers Splash

A single, huge step towards a deeply fulfilled and sustainable life.

Start Shaping Your Future Now

Can you relate?

Are you worn out from the last twelve months? Reviewing your life and priorities, wanting to re-shape your life so that you and those that depend on you can thrive again?

Maybe your heart sinks as you survey the impact of the recent past on your life; you know things cannot stay as they are, you have to make some changes so that you and yours can thrive again. You long to wake up each day with a sense of purpose and joy, knowing that the day matters and you are making a real difference in the world…. But you have no idea where to start or where you’ll get the energy from, for that matter!

It’s time…


Then (if you haven’t taken advantage of my Poolside Ease FREE resources, you really must, but don’t stop there…) you really need to move to my Paddlers Splash resources and coaching session. I will spend an hour working with you on whatever you feel is most important, I will help you prepare for the session so that you get the most out of our time together; you will be well on your way to reshaping your life so that it is more fulfilled and steeped with meaning. As if that wasn’t enough you’ll also have life time access to some more resources building on what I have you in the poolside area. 

 Paddlers Splash Session

My Paddlers Splash Session is a big stride towards a deeply Fulfilled Life where you and those close to you can thrive. You will gain clarity and a way forward with the situation you bring as we work together. The whole session will take an hour and half; there’ll be time to ‘settle in’ as well as time to work out the best next steps for you. 


All you have to do is register, pay the small fee and you’ll choose a time that suits you from my coaching schedule. 


What are you waiting for?! I would love to give you access to these amazing resources for £15, but I am reserving this price for the first 5 people who purchase, after that the cost will go up – so don’t hang about!