Hi there!

Thank you for dropping by The Fulfilled Life Suite, let me tell you a bit about myself as you explore if you’d like to work with me. 

I am in my late forties and have been a practicing Christian since I was 11 years old. I was born in England to a Nigerian father and English mother. At the time my parents were actually based in Nigeria so by the time I was a month old we were all back there. My eighth year was pivotal in all our lives, we had returned to England for Mum to give birth to my younger brother, but by the time he was a year old, Mum had been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and Dad had left us. Mum also came to faith during that year. So my brother and I were raised by Mum alone, in England; I have a great love and respect for single mums with children still at home; I believe they deserve a medal for simply getting up every morning!



At the age of 14 I had a ‘moment’ when I just ‘knew’ what I was going to do with my life; I would become a doctor, work with young people and do both these things in Latin America. Within a year I was healed of dyslexia through prayer and despite glandular fever during my GCSE years, a relapse during A levels and post viral fatigue syndrome (or ME) during university, I graduated as a medical doctor and proceeded on the pathway to becoming a Paediatrician.

After struggling with burnout and working part time as a hospital doctor, I embarked on a discernment process that took me TWO YEARS, before deciding to leave medicine! It was hard as I had felt such a strong call of God to the profession. Over the years though, I have realised that it wasn’t the profession itself I felt called to but rather a life of bringing healing, wholeness and nurture to those around me (both my parents were doctors and it was really all that I knew when I was 14).

I have now been in full time Christian Youth and Community ministry since 2004! The road I took went via working as a church administrator and as a Field Coordinator for Tearfund’s disaster response in South Sudan. In 2013 I took some time out again, just three weeks this time. I was ‘over’ living ‘by faith’ and on ‘gift income’, surely it was time for me to get a ‘real job’?! but no, I was assured again and again in various different ways during those three weeks, that my time in full time ministry was not done; at the end of the three weeks I was invited to step up in leadership and responsibility, it was good to be able to say yes confident in the fact that I was where I was supposed to be in my life!

Fast forward to this year and you meet me after another (and on going) process of transformation! I haven’t taken any time out this time, and I can see how I was set up this spring to be ready to make the changes I have made in the last few weeks. In January 2020 I was offered 6 free professional coaching sessions which I took up to help me become more effective as a leader; the sessions have continued throughout the year. I haven’t changed career, but with the help of my coach following a time of personal crisis in early September, I have undergone a transformative process of clarifying the woman God has made me capable of being and the type of life he has equipped and called me to live. In light of this I have set concrete goals and to reach them I have made lots of small but significant changes to my routines and how I use my time. Every week I look back and celebrate the gains and progress I have made; by harmonising with God’s grace and his ‘more than we could ask or imagine’ for my life I am a different person to who I was just a few months ago, with a completely different outlook and expectations! 

As a result my life is already increasingly sustainable both practically and financially, as is the Charity I lead. I am fulfilled in what I do and excited for the future; I can even see how my sense of fulfilment will continue to grow in every area of my life as I continue on this exciting journey. 

The changes I have made recently with the support of my coach and others have been much swifter as well as far deeper and more significant for my future than when I changed career all those years ago without the help of a coach or mentor. 

So if my story resonates with you, in part or in full, wherever you are on your faith journey at the moment, if you are ready to make some changes in your life so that you can live more deeply fulfilled and more sustainably, I would be honoured to help you on that journey. 

What about qualifications?

I have a Level 7 Certificate for Executive and Senior Level Coaches and Mentors from the Institute of Leadership and Management. I am a member of EMCC and I subscribe to EMCC’s Code of Ethics. I am also a member of the Christian Coach and Mentor Network. If you are looking for coaching in your capacity as a senior leader or executive, please visit the following web page where I offer that specific service: www.syc.life/coach . So I guess all this is to say I am not just a quack, and I really would be honoured to support you on your journey.