About Me

Hi! I’m Claire

Christian Life and Leadership Coach

 I am so pleased you’re here!

Let me tell you a bit about myself as you work out whether you’d like to work with me as your coach. 

For 9 years I have been the CEO of a small Christian charity that works to see transformation in the lives of young people, their families and communities. For as long as I can remember I have loved to see those around me flourish, so it was a no brainer to make it official and become a qualified and accredited coach. I get as much joy working with young people as I do senior leaders, whether individually, in groups and teams or families. 

My background is in medicine, I specialised in Paediatrics, but 20 years ago I left the medical profession for a life in ministry. I experienced a couple of iterations including disaster response in South Sudan, and finally landed in full time unsalaried Christian ministry in youth and community work.  I have lived and worked in several countries on 4 continents, and served in several more. So I am not a stranger to change and transition, cross cultural work and mission, leadership, the voluntary sector or living by faith.

I was brought up between Nigeria and England. My parents separated when I was 8, around the time that my mother was diagnosed with MS. I know what it is to work through the realities of childhood trauma, being both child and carer in a single parent family, and a woman of colour in a white, male dominated culture. I continue to experience God’s love and redemption as I learn to walk closer with him and practice as best I can the ways and lifestyle of Jesus. 

I have experienced first hand the benefits of working with a Coach. As a result, I am a very different person than I was 2 years ago – well actually I am not, it’s just that so much more of my real self and my God given dreams are being lived out and expressed then ever were before. I am so grateful! If I can help you experience your own personal version of such a dramatic change, I would love to! I provide free 1-2-1 coaching for those in ministry with no salary; otherwise payment is by donation or according to the fees you see on this site, depending on your situation. 



My Credentials

I am a coach accredited at Practitioner level with the EMCC. I have a Level 7 Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring for Executives and Senior Leaders, and I am a member of the Christian Coach and Mentor Network. I am committed to regular supervision that keeps myself and my clients safe and well cared for. I provide both a life coaching service to people through the Fulfilled Life Suite on www.clairebankole.org and leadership and executive coaching for individuals and teams through SYC on www.syc.life/coach . I very much look forward to hearing from you and possibly working together.

Poolside Membership

To get you started I have prepared a series of free videos for you in my Poolside membership. There are two presentations: “Essentials for Living a Fulfilled Life”. And five Daily Reflections that take you on a journey to tap into God’s peace and tune into his heart for you; included are some practical tips on dealing with the stress of impending change as well as some possible next steps for you to take.

Paddlers Membership

As well as a heap more resources you will get a single, one on one, coaching session with me during which we get to deal with anything you want to.

My Paddlers  Session is a big stride towards a deeply Fulfilled Life where you and those close to you can thrive. You will gain clarity and a way forward with the situation you bring as we work together.

Deep Dive Membership

A series of 1-2-1 coaching sessions with me to help you make the significant changes you want, that will create the life and future you were made for.

I have crafted a journey that will help you go from where you are now to the life and experience you were made for, a life of deep fulfilment, not just for a month or two, but sustainable and life long. You can read below about what we will be doing in each of the five phases of our journey.

Happy Clients

“”I was in a place of feeling discouraged and wanting to give up when I started sessions with Claire. I found Claire had an amazing balance of listening, reflecting and then asking the right questions to help me articulate what I was feeling. She gave me homework to work through on my own after each session. This helped me to walk out insights and revelations I had had during the sessions.  I am so very grateful to Claire for her wisdom, humour, patience and understanding. It has made an amazing difference in my life that I and others notice. Thank you!! “

I found it helpful to ground our conversations with the ‘Me at 60’ idea… this helped me visualise and understand better the relationship between my goals for the future and my choices now. Through the journey I have been able to make choices that reflect my goals and hopes for the future, and I have been able to move forward in the area of housing, which was a really big thing for me. I have gotten better at recognising my desires, what is really important to me that I need to be able to communicate to others.”

Claire has been amazing with our whole family, giving each member value and the space to interact. We have definitely grown in our ability to listen to one another and communicate what is on our hearts. Our interactions have generally become more healthy, which has to be a good thing!

 It’s Going to be Tremendous!

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