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I’ve subscribed but can't find/access the resources I signed up for.

Once you have signed up, your ‘go to’ page on the website is the Clients Area. From there you can access the area that you have signed up to. You will need to use the password I sent you in order to do this. 

Can I be coached by you even though we're friends?

Thats a great question, and ultimately its up to you whether you enter into a coaching reltionship with me.

But in answer to your question I have had the privilege of coaching a number of my friends, colleagues and peers with very positive results. 

With the guidance of my supervisor I have developed a process that makes this arrangement safe, easy and very fruitful. The process is based on the principles of intentionality and clear boundaries. I have articulated it here for you

How is coaching different to mentoring?

A mentor is generally someone who is more proficient in the area being worked on, and so able to give advice and direction. A coach need not have specific experience with the client’s context or even the goals they are working on. For example I can and do coach school principals, I don’t need to have experience in school leadership to be highly effective as a coach and for them, their team, or their school to benefit greatly from my work with them. 

I have written a blog on this subject, you can have a read here.

What's the difference between life coaching and leadership coaching?

There’s not much difference in the coaching process between the two, but the scope and nature of things we attend to might be quite different. Leaders I coach tend to bring to our sessions dilemmas they are facing at work, often these relate to team dynamics, performance, managing change and conflict; sometimes the focus is on the interplay between work and the rest of their life. Leadership coaching is usually more costly financially than life coaching due to the far reaching (including economic) impact of the process. Life coaching by contrast tends to focus on the individual and have greatest impact on them and their immediate relationships. Topics brought to a life coaching session are as varied in scope as the individuals themselves!

How long are the 1-2-1 coaching sessions?

Allow an hour and 15 minutes for a life coaching session and 90 minutes for a leadership coaching session. I encourage people to also schedule in at least 10 minutes before the session starts so that you can gather your thoughts and be ready to work with me during the session.

I don’t know what to do with [the rest of] my life, can coaching help me?

Yes indeed. Coaching can help you clarify your goals. Put another way, coaching can help you clarify the direction and priorities that God has for you for the next season of your life. In some traditions that might be referred to as your ‘calling’. If you come from a tradition that emphasises the role of ‘prophetic word’  from others when discerning your ‘call’, you will find coaching different as the aim here  is to help you discern God’s ‘voice’ for yourself. Don’t expect me to tell you what you should do with your life or what God wants you to do with your life. Having said that, in the Poolside and Paddlers areas I do share and explore some things about God’s heart and general design for us as his beloved children. 

6-8 coaching sessions seems a lot, can I just book a few?

 The short answer: there is a reason for this many sessions (I’ll explain) and yes we can talk about booking fewer sessions. 

Generally speaking when someone has a clear objective to work on, six coaching sessions is a minimum, add to that a session to clarify the objectives and pathway, as well as a final session to wrap up and work out next steps; that brings the general total up to 8. The chances are that if you are working to build a fulfilled life that’s sustainable, there’s going to be some fairly profound work to do both in clarifying what that looks like for you and dealing with those things that have meant you haven’t reached there yet, in addition there will be work to do to ensure that you can sustain growth and continue your journey after our sessions come to an end.

I do have a mini package available which consists of just two full coaching sessions with the additional start and finish sessions, bringing the total to 4; there is the option of adding extra sessions to the mini-pack if needed. This pack is really only suitable if you are working on a discrete, concrete project or assignment that requires minimal soul work.  Per session, this way of doing things works out more expensive. 

During your paddlers session, we can work out which is the more appropriate pathway for you. 


Can you coach me about something other than living a fulfilled life?

Yes of course! If you have had a look around the website and like the idea of working with me, but you have something other than building a fulfilled life you’d like to work on, we can do that. The basic phases we will go through will be the same as I have laid out in the Deep Dive section, namely: articulating your goals and your current reality, exploring strategies, making a plan and then implementing it. Coaching helps bring about transformative change and that happens over time, so booking 8-10 sessions is still the best way to go. 

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